Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Church and Afternoon Beach Party- Rapa Nui Style

We had read that the Sunday morning Catholic church service was a unique experience, so we decided to go. The priest wore a gorgeous feather head piece with his robes. His assistants wore flower leais around their heads, even the nun wore a floral wreath around her headpiece as did many of the parishioners. A lot of the ladies wore flowers in their hair.

During a quiet part of the service, an older grandma's cell phone went off. She picked it up and said something in Rapa Nui, probably "I'm in church, can't talk" before hanging up. Some things are the same all over. 

The whole service was in Spanish and the Rapa Nui language. The music was great. There were a number of musicians with guitars and ukuleles with a strong drum beat in the background. And when people sang, they put everything into seems like the walls were reverberating. Such a joyful experience.

After church, we took the jeep to Ahu Akiva where you can do a hike to the top of Terevaka, an extinct volcano. After an hour of constant uphill walking with the top still not in sight, I uttered some expletives and plunked my bottom on the grass and refused to take another step.  It took us half the time to get down.

We next drove to Anakena Beach. The parking areas were packed and people were still arriving by car, motorbike, atv and horse. There were a few party tents set up. Some selling drinks, another serving food made in huge bbq pits, another for musicians who were jamming. From time to time, some musicians would leave and other ones come. It was quite informal. The music was all local music.

In another area a group of drummers were creating a Tahitian type beat.

It was a real party atmosphere with many large groups of families and friends. Some people doing their own bbq and most people were lounging in the shade of the palm trees. The beach was also packed with locals enjoying their Sunday. Apparently this happens every week.

As John and I sat under our palm tree, a local lady came over and offered us a plate filled with food from the bbq. I guess she had one plate too many. They had sweet potatoes, potatoes, empanadas, pork done in the big bbq pit and something that I don't know what it was but it was good.

After lounging for a long time, we went down to the white sand beach and took a dip in the ocean. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. 

Too soon it was time to head out. We next went to Ahu Tongariki (my favourite ahu). After sitting back and taking it in, we took a few last pictures and headed home.

I couldnt help but notice that the dead horse was still there.

We went out for sunset in Tahai again.

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