Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Santiago to Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Joseph (our Airbnb host) drove us to the airport at 3:00am for our 6:30am flight to Easter Island. It was a good thing we went early because there was some Easter Island form that needed to be filled out online but then the site was down so after waiting ages we were told that the police would manually do the form. After going to another place in the airport we were told our gates were someplace else and we never did fill in the form- maybe that will happen when we arrive (it didn't).

A lot of family and friends were saying that it was too bad that things like museums were closed and that the protests were going on while we were in Santiago. We definately had a different experience than planned here but I do not wish it to have been any different. It was one of those times in life that I actually felt like I was watching history happen. I was not afraid. There was something very powerful to see the people; old, young, male, female coming together to make a difference in the status quo of many decades. There was an energy and hope that can't be described. If you asked local people what they thought of the "manifestations" as they called them, every single last one who answered us said they were happy about them. I found that answer strange at first, but as we witnessed things, we grew to understand. 

We also took the earthquake in stride because no one else was freaking out. It is just part of life in this part of the world.

Now the Starbucks here is a bit of a mystery. Today I stood in line forever at the airport Starbucks. When my turn came, I pointed to the overpriced cheese scone and was told (despite there being two) that I couldnt have it. I then pointed to some other cheese thing of which there were three and I was told I couldn't have that one either. Really? The same thing happened to John yesterday when he tried to buy a cookie in a different Starbucks.

The five hour flight to Easter Island was uneventful except forvthe landing when the captain had to do a "go round" because it was too foggy for him to see the runway the first time.

It was pouring rain when we arrived to Rapu Nui (Easter Island) and continued to pour all day. Our host said it had been raining for days. I was feeling exhausted and had a hacking cough to the point that I fully expected to cough up a lung.

We checked into our Airbnb which is a short walk to the main street. It is great, we have a full kitchen, sitting area, comfy bed and good sized bathroom. We even have our own washing machine...but directions are in Spanish.

In the rain we checked out the bakery and main street and picked up some groceries. We sloshed back to our room and John cooked up some pasta. Most food is very expensive...  anything that has to he flown or shipped here, so pasta may be on the menu for a few nights. I had an early night and hopefully will feel better in the morning. Hopefully the rain will also have stopped.

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