Friday, November 22, 2019

From Hospitals to Tango Clubs- Buenos Aires

This was not our typical touring day. I had injured my shoulder and could barely move my arm. I had concerns that I had either dislocated or broken something because it was so painful. We went to a medical clinic and after ex-rays, I was relieved to find out that it was neither of the above. 

After dropping off our laundry we walked towards the Lakes of Palermo Gardens but didn't go too far because my shoulder was bothering me. We did watch a lot of the wild quaker birds picking around the fallen Jacaranda blossoms.

With so many parks in this area we passed lots of people walking their dogs. Some dog walkers had a good ten or twelve dogs. Although some dog owners poop and scooped, from the amount of brown land mines on the ground, I suspect most don't.

We rested up at our apartment and then went out to for the Piazzasolo Dinner and Tango show located near Plaza de Mayo.

We took pictures of the Pink Palace, Cathedral and museum lit up at night before going to the show. In one area of the Plaza were painted on the tiles the white kerchiefs which are the symbol of the Mothers of the Disappeared.

I was wearing a dressy top and both John and I were in jeans. We felt a bit under dressed.

Due to my arm, we didn't partake in the tango lessons before the show. The three course meal was huge. Although delicious, I just couldnt do any more steaks so I had pasta.

The show didn't start until 10:15 but it was wonderful. The dancers were so talented and there were live singers and band, A great show.

They even included a ride home for all their guests. A fun night.

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