Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Easter Island to Santiago

Our last day on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) was very relaxed. We went back to Ahu Tahai to take some last pictures of the moai in the morning light before making our way past the cemetary to the boat docking area. We stopped for a leisurely coffee and ice cream overlooking the water and then watched the sea turtles and puffer fish.

As we walked we came across the large 'penis man' statute that we had seen on our first day standing outside the elementary school. Now he was in a different location several streets away... I guess 'penis man' gets around!

 We walked up and down the main street before heading back to the apartment. After a rest we went back into town for supper before watching one more sunset with the moai.


The next morning when we got to the airport, they explained to us that we were held up a bit with our luggage because: 1. We were in Polynesia,  2. We were in Chile,  3. There was a 20 minute strike. Apparently the workers who operate the luggage x-ray machine were doing a short symbolic strike in support of the demonstrations at 9:30am with a larger strike planned for 11am. The flight crew wanted us all in the boarding lounge by 11am to avoid any delays with getting passengers onto the plane. Fortunately the flight took off ahead of schedule and we arrived in Santiago without any problems. 

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