Monday, October 7, 2019

Huacachina to Arequipa -Nazca Lines

As I mentioned before,  Huacachina is a very small village. Last night people staying at the Wild Rover Party Hostel partied on till 6am. Although staying on the other side of the village, we could hear them. I still managed to sleep since our bed was quite comfy.

We organized our suitcases this morning and had cold showers. We had breakfast at our hotel before heading over to the rooftop restaurant of Desert Nights for a leisurely coffee, fresh squeezed OJ and fruit salad covered in yogurt and granola (all for $6 CAD).

It was the perfect vantage point to watch the birds in the palm trees and people being rowed around the pool of water at the centre of the  oasis. A lovely bit of down time before resuming our travels.

We met the PeruHop group at the Wild Rover and then enmass carried our backpacks (or in my case, rolled my suitcase) across gravel to the bus parking lot.

Twenty minutes later we stopped at a pisco vineyard where we learned how pisco is made and had lots of tastings.

Back on the bus, the sand dunes turned to rounded mountains. There was something almost otherworldly about them. A few hours later we arrived at the Nazca lines.

The lines were in a pretty remote area with a two lane highway going through the area. There was a tower to climb up to get a view of some of the line figures. You could could see four of them clearly and a bit of a fifth. Not liking heights, it was a bit of a challenge going up and down for me but I managed.

The Nazca lines are over 2000 years old and have an astrological connection.
We drove further to the town of Nazca where we had a delicious supper as a group before getting on the bus for our overnight ride to Arequipa. We watched the movie "Up" on the bus  TV before going to sleep. I love that movie.

We arrived in Arequipa at 5:30am. 

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