Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hiking the Bruce Trail

Every new year I tend to reflect on what I want to accomplish and improve in the upcoming year. This year, I want to spend more quality time with dear friends and family, I want to exercise more, lose weight and explore new places.

A few years ago my sister walked the Camino in France and Spain. Besides the beauty of the trails, what she speaks of the most are the people she met and the conversations they shared along the way.

In Ontario we have our own beautiful trail. The Bruce Trail is 898km long (with over 400km of side trails). It starts in Queenston and ends in Tobermory. This not only is Canada’s oldest trail, it is also the longest and spans the entire Niagara Escarpment. It has also been named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.

And so a resolution was born. In 2019 I will hike a minimum of 100km of the Bruce Trail.

In preparation, I purchased the Bruce Trail Reference guide created by the Bruce Trail Conservancy. This guide is filled with detailed maps and trail guides describing terrain, parking areas, sights, history, plant and bird identification, mileage and much much more. I purchased mine (during the Boxing Day sale) at SAIL, but it is available at many more outdoor stores or on line through www.brucetrail.org for $39.99. You receive $5.00 off if you are a member.

I next purchased a family membership to the Bruce Trail Conservancy for only $50 a year. This membership keeps you updated on organized hikes in your area, sends you a regular newsletter, a quarterly magazine, gives a discount on the reference guide and discounts at select retailers. You also get a charitable receipt for the full value of your membership.

I look forward to the adventures we will have, the sights we will see and the conversations we will share along the way.

For more information on the Bruce Trail, check out www.brucetrail.org

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  1. check out your blog occasionally and love reading about your adventures.
    There's a hiking group in Oakville called the Pathfinders that operates out of the John Colborne Centre. We currently have a group that are working on their E2E. They walk on Thursdays and meet at 8 at the centre. Let me know if you're interested. More info if you google Oakville Pathfinders.