Saturday, November 17, 2018

Turquoise Waters

We woke to bright sunshine so we headed straight to the idyllic beaches of Le Morne. 

Gas here is crazy expensive. It cost the equivalent of $60 Canadian for half a tank...and the clown car has a very small tank compared to the minivan.

After we checked out the Le Morne area beaches, (some were down a very rocky road), we chose the first beach because the waters were the calmest.

We situated ourselves on the quietest side of the beach a ways from a busy section of the beach that had the finish line for the Indian Ocean Triathalon. Incidentally, the winner looked a lot like our neighbour Jim.

The beach was picture perfect; ancient volcanic peaks, surrounded a long and curvy white sand beach. Best of all, the water was a luminescent turquoise. And very clear. 

I spent most of my time snorkeling in the warm water. Trigger fish, damsels, convict  tangs, box fish and so many more species made me feel like I was in an aquarium. 

Afternoon came too quick. We headed back to home base and watched the sunset at our Flic en Flac beach.

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