Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Our Last Day in Mauritius

After breakfast we went straight to our beach where John claimed a spot under a tree while I headed straight for the water. Today besides all the normal fish, I also saw an eel, star fish and lion fish. I spent over an hour in the water before saying goodbye to my favourite trigger fish and heading in.

After packing up we headed towards the east side of the island. The waters were so many different bright shades of turquoise. A large group of local boys played along the beach while crabs scuttled along the sand and some kind of mud skipper jumped in and out on the edge of the water.

We caught a tour which took us by boat to the protected nature preserve Ile des Aigrettes. (Island of Egrets). We saw tortoises (some being over 105 years old), native geckos, bats, birds and the endangered and extremely rare pink pigeon.

We checked out the nearby town of Mahebourg before going to watch the days end at Blue Bay Marine Park. I watched the fish from the pier along with some other people. One man had a daughter who lives in Mississauga.

Just before sunset I saw an octopus from the pier.

Then it was a short drive to the airport where we bid adieu to the clown car and boarded our plane with no issues.

Cheapoair came through for us and the got us back onto the original Air Canada flight back to Toronto.

We never met another North American tourist the whole time we were in Mauritius. I wish we could have had more time in Mauritius, it is a beautiful country.

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