Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In and Around Flic en Flac

I woke early and drowsily listened to a choir of singing birds.

We took the clown car to the Spar grocery store where we loaded up on food and drinks for the week. Being an island and needing most things to be shipped in, almost everything is expensive. We paid the equivalent of $3 Canadian for six eggs, $2 for a can of corn and $6 for a small box of Special  K cereal.

We went back to the apartment for breakfast on our deck before walking a short distance to the long beach. I saw many different kinds of bright birds along the way, not to mention many vibrant bougainvillea bushes.

The bright turquoise waters are rimmed by a long sandy beach and tall feathery coniferous trees to offer shelter from the hot sun. We didn’t see any fish yet in the shallow warm waters but there were many sea urchins. We were warned to always wear water shoes when going into the water in order to protect our feet from the coral and urchins.

Volcanic rock formations in the distance reminded me of Bali Hai in Kauai, Hawaii.

After doing one more trip to the bank and grocery store, we planned to go for a sunset walk down the beach. Unfortunately it then began to pour so we stayed on our deck and read until I made us supper.

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