Friday, April 20, 2018

Wow Airlines: Deal or No Deal?

I’m on my first leg of a very long flight route ending up in Heidelberg, Germany. My first leg is from Toronto to Iceland where I have an hour to switch planes to Amsterdam.

This will be my first trip on Wow Airlines. Wow is a budget airline out of Iceland that isn’t so budget if you don’t read the fine print and end up having to pay for add ones. 

Both checked bags and carry-on bags have a hefty extra charge however you are allowed a free personal item with a maximum size 10”x13”x17” and weighing no more than 5kg. A carryon bag costs $50.62one way if ordered at the same time you book your flight...$126.57 if paid at the gate.


I did pay $75.94 each way for my checked bag which can weigh up to 20kg (not 23kg like most other European carriers). If you go over, you are charged. If you pay at the gate it is $126.57.

The lady that checked me in was impressed when my bag weighed in at exactly 20kg. Now that’s talent!

Food on the plane also costs extra. 

Everything ads up so take the extra fees into consideration when choosing which airline to fly. It still worked out as a better deal for me for this trip, even with the checked bag fee.

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