Thursday, April 26, 2018

Germany to the Netherlands

The alarm rang at 4:22AM.

Graham and I quickly got ourselves together and speed walked to the train station where he got my ticket and helped me board the train to Frankfurt.

I went to the airport very early because, as expected, KLM messed up my baggage reservation...again. I won’t get into it....for now.

My flight was on time and I met John with no problem at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. We caught the hotel shuttle and checked into the Ramada Amsterdam Airport Hotel. 

The hotel was clean and spacious. The area around the hotel smelt slightly of cow manure from the nearby fields. After dropping off our luggage we went into the city. This was our opportunity to go to the Rijks Museum.

The weather was sunny but cool. My down jacket was definitely needed.

The last time we were in Amsterdam, the Rijks Museum was under renovation. 

This is a great museum with an abundance of the Dutch masters including Rembrandt. We closed the place down.

Exhausted from flying all night (John) and being up since 4:20AM (me), we walked around a bit, had supper in a sports bar and headed back to the hotel for an early night.

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  1. Maybe you will run into Rhiannon today. She and a friend of ours will be out and about celebrating. Too bad we didn't get our act together and have you meet up! Half kidding as I know this is never as simple as it sounds. Have fun!