Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Day in Strasbourg, France

We were up at 6am and walking to the bus terminal shortly after 7. The streets of Heidelberg were dead except for city workers cleaning up after last night’s festivities. It was going to be another hot sunny day.

We caught the 8:05am bus to Strasbourg which was two hours away.

Strasbourg is exceptional; beautiful architecture, a soaring cathedral, pedestrian streets, picturesque bridges and history in every corner.. I even found a Mephisto store. Unfortunately like many shops it was closed on Sunday.

We spent the morning exploring the Petite France area  including The Vauban Dam, the covered bridges and St Thomas Church before stopping for lunch and a glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe.

The spring flowers were in full bloom in the summer heat and the wisteria growing along the ancient buildings took my breath away.

We took a long route back to the cathedral where we joined a Happy-Strasbourg Walking Tour. Our guide Leo was excellent and he brought more understanding to what we saw. He also took us to the German area.

We next explored the Cathedral. Unfortunately it’s intricate astrological clock was being refurbished so we couldn’t watch its hourly show. This clock is very similar to the one in Prague.

Upon leaving the church we watched some kind of large military display before picking up some local food (Flammenkueche) and heading to our Airbnb accommodations.

After resting our feet, we headed out to see the city at night.

I loved the lights on the old buildings and Ill River. The sidewalk cafes were packed as were the gelato parlourbs. We walked along the river and admired the cathedral at night and explored every street that strikes our fancy finally returning to our apartment with blistered feet.

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