Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tombs of the Kings

Another dull and drizzly day. We hired a car and driver to take us to the tombs of the past kings which are a bit outside of the city.

Partway there our car was stopped at a police checkpoint. Our driver apparently didn’t have the correct paperwork and was fined 1,000,000 dong (about $55 Canadian).

Our first stop was to the tomb of Minh Mang. The tomb is actually a whole area of buildings. It took us an hour to visit.

The next was the Khai Dinh tomb. It was on a hillside and had a gothic feel to it. The inside was the most spectacular of the local kings tombs. 

The final tomb of Tu Duc had the loveliest gardens.

Our next stop was a pagoda that is a distinguishing landmark of Hue.

Of course we couldn’t visit Hue without checking out the chicken statues at the side of the river. These figures were erected for the year of the rooster.

We had a late lunch at Les Jardins de La Carambole. The food was delicious and so beautifully displayed.

We rested at the hotel before heading out to supper. We ate at Family Home Restaurant; great service, friendly owner and good food.

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