Friday, January 12, 2018

En Route to Saigon, Vietnam

It was a fourteen hour flight to Shanghai on China Eastern Airlines. We had a family with two young children sitting ahead of us. One of the kids screamed and cried on and off throughout the flight. Fortunately I had taken a sleeping pill and slept through the flight, only waking to eat the three meals that were served. John also took a sleeping pill but ended up watching movies the whole way. He found the translations amusing. An action adventure was described as thrillers, dangers and brainy parts.

We are currently on a three hour layover at Shanghai Airport. It's freezing at our boarding gate (which seems to be separate from most of the other boarding gates) and I cannot get any information through Google (since it is forbidden in China) so it is less than impossible to search things on the Internet. It is now night time here and morning in Ontario. I think I'll take another sleeping pill so that I can sleep on the plane trip to Saigon.
I slept all the way from Shanghai, only waking for the meal. Those sleeping pills really work. The only thing is that they make my mouth feel as dry as the Sahara desert. Judging by the my breath, a camel died in it.

My dear friend Cora arrived into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), forty minutes before us. At about 2:30am local time, we met up with her and our driver and went directly to our hotel.

We are staying at Duc Vuong Hotel in district 1. Our hotel is simple but clean and has good internet. We are now off to sleep so that we can have a fresh start in the morning.

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