Friday, November 10, 2017

Last Day in Calgary

The last day of the trip was spent exploring Calgary (and shopping).

We drove around downtown and checked out the Saddledome, the Calgary tower, the waterfront area and pedestrian area.

We went to the Lougheed House for lunch. This house was built in the late 1800s by the grandparents of the past Alberta premier Peter Lougheed.

After lunch, we toured the house. 

After a bit of shopping, Cheryl made a delicious supper and we played board games. 

Packing was a challenge since I only took carry on. To bring everything back, including my purchases and Christmas gifts from my sister,  I had to layer on a lot of clothes. I wore two pairs of socks, a pair of cords, a tshirt under a thick cable knit sweater, a padded vest, my white winter jacket, a big white hat, thick gloves and big boots. The final look was an eclectic mix between the Michelin Man and the abominable snowman. 

At airport security, they had me open my suitcase. It took forever to get it closed again.

We took the red eye West Jet fight back to Hamilton.. We arrived home at 5am.

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  1. You have been away for ages it seems and judging by your blogs you’ve had a ball. Good for you, Kimberly!