Thursday, October 12, 2017


This morning we grabbed a bus and went into Valletta. 

There is something beautiful to see every direction you look in Valletta. All the buildings new or old blend perfectly because of the continuity of their golden sandstone colour.
Horse and carriages line the streets, looking for customers.

We spent the early half of the day walking around the town, up and down the numerous hills and stairs. We stopped and explored the Knights Hospitaller Museum, which was really interesting. There were some gruesome diaramas depicting those past times.

We went for lunch at a Turkish restaurant. When we chose an outside table, we didn’t realize that it was beside the door of a school. Soon all these women began to gather, chattering happily. The group continued to grow in number until school let out.

Locals often hang their laundry out the windows.

Graham was getting irritated because John and I kept stopping to take pictures...there are so many things to photograph.

We took the bus back into Sliema where we met Emily and Vince who just arrived from Italy.

After picking up some more groceries, we walked around the harbour, enjoying the view of the afternoon sun on Valletta.

A lot of people smoke here. We found a Maltese restaurant that didn’t have smoking inside and had an enjoyable supper before heading back to the apartment.

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