Friday, October 13, 2017

Valletta and the Three Cities

We caught the 9am ferry to Valetta. It only took about ten minutes to cross and we had fabulous views of the Game of Thrones filming was Kings Landing where they executed Ned Stark in season one.

We walked around and made our way to the St John’s Co-Cathedral (actually Em went shopping while we toured the church). It was quite plain on the outside, but opulent inside. I enjoyed the audio guide tour. The highlights were the Carvaggio paintings.

Afterwards we met up with Em and headed to the Grand Masters Palace where we toured the state rooms and the armoury. I was disappointed that we somehow missed the audio guides even though they came with the tour. 

We walked to the ferry on the other side of Valetta below the Barraqq Gardens to cross the Grand Harbour to the Three Cities. It took about 10 minutes to cross. There is a yacht club on the other side with some very high end boats.

We ate lunch by the water before continuing our tour of the three cities. We wanted to go on the Geek Car but it could only accommodate four people so we got on the Happy Train instead.

The tour took us around the three cities in about 40 minutes. We then caught the ferry back to Valetta. 

Graham was able to cross McDonalds Malta off his to do list after we stopped for some milk shakes.

We checked out Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (the church with the big dome). It was under renovation.

We then took the ferry back to Sliema so that we could rest up before heading out for the evening.

While sitting on our balcony, we noticed that one of the high rises further down the strip was on fire. Large amounts of black smoke was billowing into the sky and sounds of emergency vehicles filled the air. 

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