Wednesday, October 25, 2017



It was foggy, cold and rainy. Graham met us at the townhouse and we literally headed for the hills. Heiligenberg to be exact, which means holy mountain. Apparently this mountain was used a lot by pagans in the past.

Heidelberg is in a valley surrounded by high hills. We drove up and up through heavy mist to the top and then we got out to walk.

The fog cloaked our surroundings in mystery. Our first stop were the ruins of a Nazi amphitheatre built in the law 1930’s. It was very similar in style to the Greek or Roman ones.

We passed some innukshuk like rocks with a sign that read inner gate. A black and yellow salamander creature crossed our path.

The ruins of the medieval Cloister of St Michaels was our next stop. I am sure it would have a total different atmosphere on a sunny day. Very cool.

Unfortunately we had to leave for the airport, so we dropped Graham off at the townhouses where he had left his bike. It is always so hard saying goodbye to either of my boys.

We plan to do more exploring in and around Heidelberg in the spring.

Getting gas into the rental car was a pain in the butt. The GPS took us all around and through the airport area only to find that the gas station was closed. Then we had to go through the airport area again and we found a gas station that was different than the one we were looking for... but it did the trick.

The rest of the trip to Canada went without a hitch.

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