Monday, October 23, 2017


Early morning saw us leaving Catania. The streets were almost empty except for the cars parked everywhere to the point that a car could barely squeeze through a two way street. 

We flew into Frankfurt on RyanAir. It took quite a while to get our bags. It was grey, cool and drizzly outside.

The German autobahns have no speed limit. John was doing 140 Km per hour in the slow lane.

The GPS took us straight to our Airbnb place in Heidelberg. The townhouse is wonderful...spacious, clean and comfortable. Graham biked to our location and we all took the car into the old city.

It was beautiful despite the dreary weather, it would be downright stunning in the sunlight.

Heidelberg was not bombed during the war so the old city has all these gorgeous buildings, the oldest university in Germany and a castle in the hills. It’s very picturesque.

We walked around the university and down the pedestrian area in the centre of the city. We saw the old student residence where Graham lives and walked along the bridge.

We went to eat at a lovely German restaurant where we filled up on schnitzel, sausages, sourkrout and spetzle. 

John and I then made it back to the townhouse. My leg is still really bothering me. 

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