Monday, October 2, 2017

First Day in Munch

The three and a half hour flight from Iceland to Munich was uneventful....I slept and slept deeply. The only time I woke was when the lady beside me poked me so that she could go to the washroom. I got the impression that she had been poking for some time.

We took the train from the airport to the main train station where we stored our luggage and waited for Graham's train to arrive from Heidelberg. Actually, I waited....I'm not sure where John wandered off too.

Just about everyone was in Lederhosen or dirndls. Despite it not yet being 10am, many people were walking around drinking beer. Groups of revelers frequently break out into song. Munich is very lively.  I'm wearing my Octoberfest hat (complete with attached 1980s and 90s Octoberfest buttons and an old tin tart cup). I am also contemplating getting a dirndl.  John is  eyeing the lederhosen.

Grahams train was a little late. It was soooo good to see him.

It was sunny and about 21 degrees today.

We decided to just walk around Munich. We first walked around Marienplatz. Munich is lovely and it's beautiful architecture and lively people fill it with character. 

From there we went to the beautiful Englischer Garten which is a large park, larger even then Central Park in NYC. 

We watched people surfing in the swift waters of a small river that goes through the park. They must force water in to make it strong enough to surf because I don't think that could happen naturally. It was like the wave pools on the cruise ships.

We next walked past the nudist meadow. Sure enough there was a guy walking around stark naked. Hmmmm. Graham says they have a very strong nudist movement here.

It was the perfect afternoon for us to relax outside in the park's biergarten. We feasted on curry wurst sausages, a humongous  pretzel, spetzle (John had fish) and beer while an Oktoberfest band played.

Afterwards we attempted to walk off some of the feasting. Graham took us along and across the river and then into the old town. I attempted to try on a dirndl but it was not a good look for me.

I also checked out the Mephisto store, but nothing appealed (now that was a first).

Such a gorgeous city.

With aching feet, we took the train to our hotel where we will rest up for tomorrow's Oktoberfest activities. This will be the first time in a few days that we sleep In a real bed.

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