Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Final Day in Munich

We had barely scratched the surface of seeing Munich so we cancelled our tickets to Neuschwanstein Castle ( which is a two hour train ride each way).

The day was sunny but cool. 

We got to the train station just in time to see our train leave. We seem to always just miss our train going in to Munich. 

We went immediately to Marienplatz where we watched the Glockenspiel clock strike noon. The ancient figures on the clock danced and the knight figures tilted, finally ending with the golden rooster flapping his wings and crowing three times.

For some reason there is a statue of Juliette ( from Romeo and Juliette). Like the the statue in Verona, Italy, this ones breast is also well rubbed. 

Graham is not feeling too well. He has a cold and has lost his voice. He is sniffling non-stop.

Munich is a gorgeous city...three days does not do it justice. We need to come back.

We next visited the Munich Residence; one of the Bavarian kings palaces. Beautiful examples of German rococo.

We spied a group of guys dressed in Oktoberfest gear, transporting their own keg of beer on a wagon . It is legal to drink on the street here.

We stopped at a German bakery for lunch and then Graham showed us a lovely walk along the river that he discovered when he was here a few years ago. It was right by the beautiful St.Maximilian cathedral, which we visited.

After walking for awhile, we had a light supper and headed back to Marienplatz where we visited another church before heading back to the hotel.

It was starting to rain and I didn’t have my rain jacket. John and I still haven’t caught up from sleeping two nights on an airplane and Graham needs some rest to get over his cold. Hopefully a good nights sleep will get us back on track.

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