Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Arrival in Malta

We left Plovdiv for the airport in Sofia at 9:30. Traffic was a little busy getting out of the city but soon we were travelling through harvested fields of corn and tobacco and meadows of grazing sheep. Snow capped mountains loomed in the distance.

When entering Sofia, we passed a couple in a horse and cart, exiting the highway.

 We parked the rental car at the side of the road in front of the airport and surprisingly, within seconds Tony (car rental guy), showed up and finalized the return of the car. 

Our flight was non- eventful; the best kind. Our first glimpse of Malta from the air was breathtaking... an island of golden sand coloured buildings glowing in the sun. I can see why they filmed some scenes from Game of Thrones here.

I am always amazed how you can board a plane in one place, and a few hours later, depart in a place so totally different. 

We arrived to summer weather...and palm trees.

Our driver was waiting for us when we arrived. On the ride to our apartment, we noticed a van that said “Bomb Disposal” driving in front of us. Hmmm.

I understand why they include a driver with the apartment rental because the entrance is through a nondescript door and then you go up four floors. We would have never found it on our own.

The apartment was huge but the best part was that the whole front living room area had floor to ceiling glass sliding doors that opened up to the gorgeous harbour. Absolutely stunning.

After throwing in some laundry, we changed and went out to explore Tas-Sliema.

This area is lively with many restaurants and shops surrounding a harbour filled with boats and yachts. They even have a food truck that sells cocktails.

The exotic Arab influence is visible in the old architecture. The view of Valletta from Tas-Sliema is spectacular. A perfect place to watch the sun set.

After getting some supper we headed back to the apartment.

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