Saturday, March 25, 2017

Observations in Thailand

We are currently in the Chiang Mai airport waiting for our flight to Surat Thani.

We found out more about the late King. At his death on October 13, 2016 he was the longest reigning monarch in the world (70 years). Queen Elizabeth is second at 65 years.

He worked nonstop to make life better for the Thai people and created many programs including one that changed opium growing fields into more healthy and beneficial agricultural areas. People here truly loved him.

Other things in and around Thailand. The poles carrying the phones lines can be crazy, filled to capacity with string after string of wires. Sometimes there are so many they almost reach the ground forming a fence. When a pole is at the centre of four intersecting strings of lines it creates an impenetrable mass of wires.

I've been putting pictures directly onto Facebook because sometimes due to slow internet, I can't get them to load onto the blog....don't ask me why. I will have to update the blog pics later.

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