Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 11- Phi Phi Island- Paradise Pearl Bungalows

We left Krabi Town in the morning and took a ferry for two hours to Phi Phi Island. This is a beach island. At the pier on Phi Phi we left the ferry and then transferred onto a long tail boat for a 10 minute ride to our accommodation at the Paradise Pearl Bungalow Resort.

The water is a brilliant turquoise and I noticed convict tangs swimming in the water when I got off the ferry. I am looking forward to snorkeling.

This is the first island in my mind to come really close to my favourite Hawaiian beaches. We have a bungalow directly on the beach and deliberately booked just outside of the main town (which becomes a real party place after dark). The bungalow is lovely with its spacious layout and four poster canopied bed. It's very peaceful.

The side of our bungalow facing the beach is all glass windows with a large sliding door. The area around us is lush and colorful with bougainvilleas, hibiscus and other bright tropical flowers. The exotic long tailed boats ply the waters, taking people to town. You can also get to town by walking for 30 minutes on a hilly, beautiful seaside path.

The town is busy and quite large, filled with bars, restaurants, shops, services and accommodations. John and I spent the afternoon exploring the town and I had a huge glass of wine  for $4 Canadian and snacks as we got in out of the warm rain at a beachside restaurant.

We have been taking it easy and enjoying the beauty of this place.

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