Saturday, March 18, 2017

China Eastern Airlines- Toronto to Bangkok

This was our first time flying China Eastern Airlines. We found an amazing deal ($699 Canadian return) to Bangkok but paid $720 return because we waited a few days to decide. At that price I was half expecting to be bungee corded to the wing but was pleasantly surprised.

Our plane was a Boeing 777-300ER , the largest plane that I have ever flown on. It was nice to see included many of the little luxuries such as free wine, pillows, blankets and ear phones that many of our North American carriers now charge for. The meals were fine as well...two suppers and one lunch on a 14 hour flight.

I watched one movie and slept most of the way (without sleeping pills) whereas John watched four movies, one tv show and only slept a little despite taking two sleeping pills.

Despite being on a very large plane, we had the smoothest landing we've ever experienced when we touched down in Shanghai. We were late getting into Shanghai because we were delayed leaving Toronto. It was touch and go, but we made our next flight to Bangkok....hopefully our luggage makes it too.

Many hours later:
It's 3:35am. We are now sitting in the lost luggage office at Bangkok airport. Thank goodness I packed my bathing suit, sandals, skirt, top, toothbrush and fresh underwear in my carry on. 

We boarded the plane for Shanghai to Bangkok but didn't leave the runway for two hours because of bad weather somewhere along our route. We did have some turbulence on our flight. I slept most of the way and John watched two more movies.

We had no problem getting a cab to the hotel. 

On the way to our hotel we noticed many memorial pictures/ monuments to the late King who passed away last fall. There were also a lot of 7 Eleven stores.

Toronto is 11 hours behind Bangkok.

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