Monday, March 20, 2017

Bangkok Day 2- Golden Mount, Flying Monkeys and Feasting on Locusts

We've been taking a lot of cabs and Tuk Tuks here because it is so reasonable and also so hot (33 degrees today).

Our first stop was the Wat Arun. Another awesome temple complex with lots of steep steps and porcelain detailing. I love all the mythical beasts that are scattered throughout the complexes...especially the Griffins and flying monkey demons.

There continues to be more memorials to the Late King...each one seemingly larger than the last.

We checked out the little market outside the temple area. I got some genie pants and was very tempted by a large golden Thai headress, alas, how to bring it back.

We took a ferry across the river. There were many Decorated Thai passenger boats on the water, similar in shape to Venice's gondolas.
We grabbed a tuk tuk to the giant swing, which was rather underwealming.

We walked up to the golden Mount temple,stopping for iced drinks and passing many wood working shops along the way.

There are over 350 steps to the top of the temple, embellished with statues and plants along the route. The view from the top was wonderful; ancient temples and a modern skyline of skyscrapers.

We grabbed a tuktuk and went to Khao San Road which is home to many restaurants, hostels, hotels, shops and massage places.

I love the signs you see up in the washrooms. In South Africa there was a sign saying not to flush your g-string down the toilet. Here the big concern seems to be on standing and crouching on the toilet seat when you go to the bathroom.

I am loving the food here a bit too much. After lunch we headed back to our hotel to beat the heat you napping in our air conditioned room.

Refreshed, we grabbed a tuktuk to have the final fittings for our new clothes and then we tuk tuked our way back to Khaosan Road which is a really happening place at night.

We went for massages first. Massages here are plentiful and cheap...$6 for a half hour Thai massage and $10 for the herbal massage. We went up stairs and through corridors where they washed our feet and we both had very relaxing massages in the same room. Nothing weird about it.

Relaxed and content we then decided to walk around the Khaosan area and try street food and look in the shops. We had chicken donairs, fresh pomegranate juice, fresh fruit and then we spotted a cart selling fried bugs. There were scorpions, grasshoppers, worms and I don't know what all else. There were some girls from the states also interested in tasting some so we split the cost of a bag of locusts....they were surprisingly delicious....crispy. John refused to try one.

Khaosan Road at night is Bangkok's answer to New Orlean's Bourbon Street night life. As I said before, it's a happening place.

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