Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Miami and Home

By 10:30am we had disembarked the ship and rented a car for the day. We travelled into Miami to visit Jungle Island. Unfortunately it was a super busy day there and the on site parking was full so we had to fight the traffic and go to the shuttle lot...two hours later we finally entered the park. Despite the crowds we enjoyed the birds and animals. Many of them eat right out of your hands...even the flamingos!

We next made our way to the outdoor pedestrian Lincoln Mall where we spotted a small flock of Quaker parakeets flying through the trees. We made our way to Miami Beach for sunset.

Traffic to get into the airport was busy which made it stressful. We took the red-eye flight on Spirit Airlines and landed in Niagara, USA just before 2am. 

I love the small Niagara airport; traffic moves quickly from disembarking the plane to getting luggage to walking out the doors directly to your parked car.

We dropped Cameron off in St Catherine's at 3am and arrived at Graham's place in London at 5am. After a few hours sleep, John and I drove last leg of our journey home. 

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a holiday flies by.

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