Saturday, February 25, 2017

Labadee, Haiti

John and I were up before the ship docked. While John and I were walking across the sun deck at 7:30am, I was lightly pushed away again by a helpful ship staff person. This time before us was a line of seven separate, oozy turds leading either too or from the ladies washroom. Staff were quickly cleaning it all up.

We noticed a few scattered small two person boats floating a fair distance from land. We were close enough to see that the occupants did not wear life jackets.

The ship soon docked in Labadee, Haiti. Royal Caribbean owns this peninsula and have developed it to be a lovely beach destination, exclusively for their clientele.It is like the land extension of the ship with bars, buffets and washrooms. There is a shopping marketplace, zip lines, snorkel gear, some kind of a bobsleds or roller coaster ride and much more. There are even tram trains to take people around. Locals are not allowed on this part of the island unless they work here.

The water was really warm but rocks in the sand made me regret not bringing my water shoes.

I am loving this time with my three favourite guys and I hate that this trip is passing so quickly. I am having a hard time knowing that they are heading back in a few days...and even a harder time knowing that Graham will be in Germany next year.

The evening show was another singing, dancing and acrobatics extravaganza. We were too pooped to go to the dance club.

Our last cruise day was at sea. I took the opportunity to try all the things I hadn't gotten around to over the week. First was the zip line. It was a short but high line, easy for most but because of my fear of heights, a challenge for me. I didn't look down and all went well.

Next, Graham and I did the rock climbing wall..not quite my forte, I got up about four feet before somehow giving myself a big bruise on the leg and repelling back down. Graham did much better and almost reached the top.

Next came the carousel. Yes, there were other adults on it.

On a roll, I gave the flow rider a try. The flow rider is a wave pool. The ship has two of them; one for boogie boarding and the other for surfing. Some people almost lost their bathing suit bottoms, which wouldn't be pretty since there is usually an audience watching. I did well on the boogie boarding. It was fun.

Cameron had a great time playing sports all day; basketball, ping pong and an adult dodge ball tournament.

Finally I checked out the hot tub before watching the sunset.

We finished packing and put our suitcases outside our stateroom after supper and finished the evening by going to the comedy show.

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