Friday, February 24, 2017

Jamaica and the White Witch

The day after Cozumel was spent at sea. I woke early because I was in bed the night before at 10pm. Actually I was so tired that night that I was starting to doze at supper between courses. In my own defense, we have supper at 8pm and usually don't finish until 9:30 or 10:00.

Before I went to bed, I stopped by one of the bars to get an ice cold glass of water. I was very dozey on the way back to my cabin and was stopped by one of the staff thus saving me from stepping into a fresh pile of puke....obviously from someone on an unlimited drinks package.

The staff are always quick to clean up those types of incidences.

Anyways, I was up early and went to the gym to work out. John and I have also been very determined to always take the stairs. With 16 floors, I've been easily taking more than 10000 steps every day....yes I brought my pedometer.

John and I decided to miss the 9am breakfast rush and grabbed our shaded deck chairs and ate later. Shortly after breakfast it started to pour and remained drizzly and foggy for the rest of the day. That was fine because we were sheltered in the solarium by the pool and there is never a shortage of things to do on the ship.

John and I grabbed a nap in the afternoon so that I could stay awake for the night life.

It was 70s night. After supper we went onto the Royal Promenade which is like a big street with shops, bars and restaurants on both sides, a small stage in the middle and even a Starbucks.  People were all over the street dancing to the DJs selections from the 70s. Things started to heat up even more when some of the cast from Mama Mia performed more 70's favorites. Suddenly a big sculpture about 20 feet above the floor opened up and unrolled a big metal stage/ bridge above the crowds. Our cruise director dressed in John Travolta's famous white suit came out dancing to Saturday Night Fever. He was a great dancer. Then dancers with Afros showed up all over the place, tossing out light up  glasses, rings and necklaces. The crowd went crazy. Then well toned Village People look a likes took to the stage. The crowd went totally mad. The Village People then got people into a Congo line dancing to "Love Train." So much going on...we didn't know where to look.

After the dance party/ show ended, John and I continued dancing to a live band playing 70s music at Dazzles dance club.

This was the best cruise ship party that I have ever attended. Out of all the cruises John and I have been on, Royal Caribbean has the best entertainment and parties and they offer something for everyone.

I was up bright and early the next day when we docked in Falmouth, Jamaica. It was still overcast. 

The sun came out as we negotiated with a cab driver to take us out all day. He was great. In case anyone is going to Jamaica, here is his info. He can be booked ahead of time. Jamaica Tour Services, Cassel Haughton 

We went first to my top tour priority; Rose Hall. This plantation great house was built in the mid 1700's. In the 1800s a women named Annie Parsons became the plantations second mistress when she married its rich owner. She had been brought up by her Nannie who had instructed her in witchcraft and voodoo. She was cruel to the slaves and became known as the white witch. She took on slave lovers and then would have them killed off, she poisoned her first husband, stabbed another and also murdered her third. She would have her slaves take the bodies to be buried near the sea side and then had other slaves kill the first slaves so that they couldn't tell. At age 29, she was in love with a slave who loved another. She killed her competition and then her love interest later strangled her. Then someone killed that slave. There was much celebrating on the plantation at her death and most of her pictures and personal effects were destroyed at that time. There remains one childhood picture of her. The painted eyes give the illusion that they are following you.

Needless to say, many people believe the plantation is haunted.

It was an expensive visit ($20 US per person) but the house and grounds ( the White Witch is still buried there) were gorgeous.

We next stopped at a place for a gorgeous view before checking out St James Parish church in Montego Bay. Our next destination was another Great house that was made into a hotel with a lovely outside lounging area and another outstanding view.

Cassel took us to a seaside restaurant called Pier One where we had lunch before driving through Hip Street to a private beach.

It was a dash to get back to the cruise terminal. The traffic around the terminal was bumper to bumper and there was a huge lineup to go through security to get on board.

John and I grabbed deck chairs and watched the ship depart.

It was formal night and all you can eat lobster tail night in the dining room. There were other choices for those not in to Lobster. The man beside us ate five lobster tails.

John and I checked out the dancing fountains show before heading to the accapella show and I finally calling it a night.

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