Sunday, January 15, 2017

Whales, Orcas, Sea Lions and Sea Turtles- Day 5

As usual, I was up before dawn.

Shortly after sunrise, Lara and I left the condo. Although her initial plan was to go for a run, she joined me instead for a long walk on the beach.

The waves crashed along the shore as we walked along the edge of the estuary. The estuary is home to numerous local sea birds and ducks.

After a big breakfast and quick light lunch, Cheryl, Lara and I made our way to the bus and headed to Cabo San Lucas for our zodiac boat whale watching tour with Whale Watch Cabo.
I was thankful to be offered a gravol since I tend to get sea sick easily. It was a huge help and I felt fine for the whole excursion.

Our excursion was awesome. We saw many humpback whales breaching and fluke flapping. However, the highlight was the pod of Orcas that skimmed the ocean with their shiny black and white skins glistening in the sunlight.

Our guide Paola, from Spain, informed us that Orcas are not whales, they are the largest species of dolphins. Paola was so excited because Orcas are a rare sighting in these waters.

At one point, we found a sea turtle. I was surprised how far from land he was swimming, but apparently it is quite normal.  Paola said that usually sea turtles are quite shy and disappear quickly when a boat is nearby, but this guy didn't appear to be bothered.
The speed of the zodiac when on open waters was exhilarating. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Whale Watch Cabo and highly recommend them. This company without extra charge sent the excellent pictures that they took, directly to our email. 

We walked around the marina and had a light supper at one of the restaurants before heading back on the bus.

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