Tuesday, January 17, 2017

San Lucas del Cabo and San Jose del Cabo- Day 7

What an amazing day.

It was cool when we left to catch the bus into San Lucas at 6:20am. It takes between half an hour and fifty minutes ( depending on traffic and stops) to travel by bus between San Jose and San Lucas.

We arrive at Cabo Expeditions, the Kayak and snorkel tour company, in plenty of time for our 8am tour.

We took a boat part way to the lands end rocks where we got into our glass bottom kayaks. Cheryl and Lara shared a kayak and being a single, I went with the guide, Carlos. 

I loved kayaking near the rock where the local sea lion colony basked in the sun. At one point, a couple of sea lions swam along side our kayak.

The snorkeling was wonderful. It was delightful to swim through a large school of tropical fish and I felt like I was in a freshly poured glass of ginger ale when I swam over a number of scuba divers letting off bubbles on the sea floor below.

There was a lot to see in the magical world below the waves. So many different kinds of fish including brightly colored parrot fish, black and white puffer fish, cobalt blue damsel fish, thousands of wrasses, moorish idols, Sargent fish and some kind of trigger fish....and those were just the ones I recognized. Awesome.

The water was in the 70s so I was quite cold by the time it came to return to the boat.

We stopped at our favourite family run taco restaurant called Gardenias. It was delicious and well priced. I could see why they've been in business for over twenty years.

After returning to our condo, we rested by the pool until we headed out for my sister's 60th birthday dinner. We booked reservations at La Panga restaurant in the old town.

We stopped first to pick up Cheryl's ring from Johnathon Sanchez, where we shared a glass of aged tequila with the jeweller before heading to La Panga.

The open air restaurant was oozing with atmosphere. Plants and decor were artfully lit and the food was delightful. I especially recommend the ceviche and sea bass. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the perfect way to celebrate Cheryl's milestone birthday.

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