Wednesday, January 18, 2017

San Jose del Cabo- days 8 and 9

Day 8

We got up early and went to the beach at 6:15 to watch the sun rise. We noticed what looked like  tiny shark fins gathering in the water along the shoreline. They turned out to be stingrays.

We were mesmerized as they playfully jumped and frolicked in the waves. One of them jumped so high, I could see his fins joyfully flapping in the air. He literally seemed to be in flight before gravity forced him to delve back into the ocean. They only stayed for about an hour after dawn.

Not much else to report. We basically spent the rest of the day doing yoga and relaxing around the pool.

Lara left for home in the evening.

Day 9

Today is my sisters actual birthday. We went to the beach again just before dawn. Once again, the stingrays showed up just before sunrise and played for about an hour  before leaving again. This time I managed to get a video of one of the rays mid flight. You can see the jump half way through the above video.

We had a relaxed birthday breakfast on our patio overlooking the golf course.

Antonio and Sarah dropped in for a visit and to say goodbye. We loved staying at their condo. This location was perfect; a short walk to the beach in a gated community of the more relaxed San Jose del Cabo  area and about a thirty minute walk to the old town. Best of all, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Antonio, Sarah and their mother, Sarah.

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