Thursday, January 12, 2017

San Jose- Day 2

At 10am our host Antonio picked us up and drove us to a wonderful, authentic Mexican breakfast restaurant named de Manana, where his sister and mother ( both named Sarah) were waiting in line. You know you are in for a treat when the locals line up to eat there.

The Mexican food was wonderful and I truly enjoyed getting to know Antonio and his family. Speaking to them has made me want to see more of Mexico. Later this week we will be going to Mother Sarah's house where she will teach us how to make authentic Mexican Quesodillas with zucchini blossoms. I can't wait.

This is why I love staying with Airbnb because it gives you a real opportunity to get to know your hosts and get the inside scoop on your area.

Sarah suggested that we go to the free salsa classes and dance at the old town zocalo ( the main piazza). Sounds like a plan to me!

The beach is a ten minute walk from our condo....we would cut that time in half if we walked through the golf course but the barbed wire and torpedoing golf balls are a deterrent.

The beach is gorgeous but apparently the waves are too rough for swimming. I find the beach surprisingly quiet and very relaxing. There are a few sales people on the beach but they are not aggressive and very respectful.

Us girls have decided to get massages on the beach later this week and I plan to go on a horse back ride to the estuary which is teaming with local bird life.

In the evening we walked off a scrumptious meal of seared tuna, mashed sweet potatoes and leftover cactus salad before going to the free salsa and barata dance classes in the old town centre. It was a half hour walk. About 70% of the attending crowd were locals and the rest tourists. They have free classes every Sunday night and $5 classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You could tell that many of the locals come regularly.

Cheryl and Lara did well but I was quite challenged because I don't take direction in dance well. Often I was tripping over my feet.

When it came time to dance with a partner, a young local named Sergio danced with Lara. He was practiced and they danced well. A 31 year old local who also had some experience danced with Cheryl. They did really well.

A 62 year old tourist named John from Minnisota partnered with me. Out of everyone there, he was probably the worst male dancer and me the worst female. We decided that we were both dyslexic and often ran into each other or came close to running into other couples. A few times we heard the instructor over the sound system correct us with "no, go to your other right".

It was shades of my belly dancing concert.

I am delighted  that we are meeting more locals than I thought we would. I find its the people that make a good trip great.

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