Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Los Cabos- Day One

The West Jet flight from Toronto to Los Cabos was smooth with no complications. Arriving at the airport is a bit more challenging. The line-ups to immigrations and customs were long but artfully disguised by the stanchioned rows which extend the line length by running back and forth and keep you continually moving.

It's important that you completely fill in both the top and bottom portions of the Mexican immigration forms that are handed out on the plane or you are sent to the side to complete them once you get to customs.

The second and much quicker line up is the one to get through customs. Then comes the part that's confusing for the first time visitor; getting to your mode of transportation. 

We were informed by our Airbnb host, Antonio, that the collective taxi is both an economical (150 pesos/$14.00 U.S.) and a direct way to get to our accommodations. Since it is not well signed, Please see Finding your Way Through Los Cabos International Airport for directions on how to get to the transportation booth.

My sister Cheryl and niece, Lara arrived four days ahead of me and were waiting at our Airbnb condo in a gated community in San Jose. I was welcomed with a delightful lunch of Tortilla soup and a quinoa and rice salad.

After settling in, our first stop was to the grocery store where we loaded up on water, fresh fruit and veggies, fresh fish and octopus and local specialties such as cactus paddles, guacamole, fresh baked ( and still warm) tortillas, spiced dried papaya and a few things that I didn't know what  they were but they looked good.

We took a taxi the short distance back to the condo and made a delicious supper of chicken mole and Nopalito (cactus) salad. Yum.

We are being very careful with the water and are using bottled water to brush our teeth and boiled water to wash our dishes.

The weather is warm but I find I still need a light cardigan in the early morning and evening.

The time difference between Toronto and San Jose is two hours so I was ready for bed with a good book by 8pm.

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