Monday, January 9, 2017

Finding your Way through Los Cabos International Airport

My Los Cabos Airbnb host suggested that a good way to get from the airport to our accommodations was by the collective shuttle which is both convenient and economical (only 150 pesos or $14.00 US to San Jose del Cabos)
Fortunately, my sister and niece arrived to Los Cabos first and were kind enough to email directions on how to navigate through the airport and find my way to the transportation booth. Without these directions, I would have been confused since the transportation booth signage is not obvious to the first time visitor.

When you land, follow the crowds to the immigration line. In my case, this was a very long line that consistently moved through a winding maze of stanchions to one of the many immigration officers. It took over a half hour to get through.

Ensure that you have filled both the top and bottom of the immigration forms that were handed out on the plane or you will be sent to the side until it is completed.

You will next walk through the luggage carousel area and then line up for customs. This line isn’t as long as the immigration one.

Next you will walk through two rooms that have information desks on the sides and lots of people trying to sell you tours and taxi services. In the last room before going out the exit to where the public waits, there is a booth on the left side of the exit door that lists transportation.

If you go through the exit, there is another side to the same transportation booth on the left.
The transportation booth covers taxis, limos and the collective shuttle. Buy your ticket for the shuttle there and you will receive a paid voucher.  A representative from the shuttle, dressed in a teal shirt will guide you to one of the waiting white vans.

If you are not staying at a well known hotel or resort, it’s helpful for the driver if you know some close landmarks  that are near to where you are staying.

It takes about 20 minutes to get from the airport to San Jose.

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