Saturday, July 30, 2016

Things almost got Ugly with an Ostrich on our Last Day in Cape Town

Our final day in Cape Town was fabulous.

The weather was clear and sunny as we wound our way through the wine area; Constantia.

We next checked out a really cute beach town called Muizenberg. There was a surfing competition going on and in other parts of the beach, people of all ages were having surfing lessons or perfecting their skills. Bright rows  of little wooden beach huts lined the white sands.

Further along we stopped at Kalk Bay Harbour which is an actual working Harbour with a Main Street of trendy boutiques and antique shops. Graham discovered a vintage book shop and found a history book that was given to someone in 1899 ( there was an inscription). The rest of us enjoyed the Olympia Bakery.

We drove through another seaside village called Fish Hoek before going to one of my highlights of the day; Simon' s Town.

Boulder Beach is in Simon's Town and it is home to a large colony of Jackass Penguins (also known as African Penguins).

When we first arrived, we went to a beach and found not a single penguin. I was crushed. Fortunately I noticed a number of people going in a different direction and then saw the sign pointing to the penguin beach.

There were literally hundreds (2200) Penguins in the colony. There were many young penguins and nesting penguins. It is illegal to touch or harass the penguins because the are endangered. People have to stay on the viewing Boardwalk.

I could have stayed and watched them all day. I got literally hundreds of pictures.
My husband's baseball cap blew off his head onto the penguins beach....I guess there is a very stylish penguin out there tonight.

We next headed to Table Mountain National Park. We first drove to Cape Point. There were many baboons wondering around the parking lot and area. There were all kinds of signs warning people not to feed them and some woman was excitedly telling someone about a baboon that stole something from her but her husband stood his ground and got it back....I think the stolen item was her back pack....either that or her I'm pretty sure it was her back pack.

There was one baboon that was hanging around the Canadian flag ( there was an area that displayed many international flags).

I was careful to look where I put my hands after I noticed baboon poop on one of the hand railings. I wonder if that baboon did it know, like some kind of sick baboon joke.

I took the funicular to the top and the boys climbed. If I had known that it wasn't a long climb, I would have climbed it as well.

It was so windy at the top, it almost blew me over, but the views were amazing. Cape Point is very dramatic. Gorgeous in a rugged way.

We continued towards the Cape of Good Hope. My hubby was zipping along in the car when something to the side caught my eye and I said " watch out, somethings coming" and He braked just as a large ostrich tore out of the brush and ran across the road in front of us, suddenly stopping at the other side. This bird was huge. I could just imagine explaining things to the insurance company if we hit that thing.

The Cape of Good Hope was also windy and had a rugged beauty. People lined up to take their pictures with the Cape of Good Hope sign....except for one family who showed up last and tried to shove themselves in front of everyone else.

The ostrich was still hanging out at the side of the road when we returned down the road. We also passed some antelope/ deer type creatures.

We passed through Hout Bay.; a beautiful stretch of beach

On our way back, we drove through the absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly dramatic Chapman's Peak Drive. This road twisted and turned on the cliff side. Soaring mountains and cliffs plummeting into turbulent turquoise waters. There were many vistas you could stop at for pictures. Apparently you can often see whales in the water, but they must have been hiding.

We passed through the town of Noordhoek and Llandudno  Beach.

We stopped at the beautiful Camp's Bay Beach for our final Cape Town sunset. Just stunning.

We leave early tomorrow for our camping trip. I am not sure how often we will be able to get internet.

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