Monday, July 25, 2016

A Day in Marrakesch

I woke up feeling weak and out of it. Also had some tummy upset and a head ache. I think it's the 43 degree weather.

I hadn't gotten to sleep till well after 1am because I was waiting up for Brian and Graham. It turned out it wasn't them at the door because when I called out Grahams name, an Arabic male voice answered, " yes it's Graham", then went on to calling out "Graham!" And owing bird whistles for quite a long time.

It turns out that Graham and Brian only went a few doors down and hung out at a nearby riad owned by the same people who own our riad with our hotelier, Taj.

In the morning, After breakfast at our Riad ( by the way, I found out that a riad is a noble's mansion that has a garden in the courtyard.), our Marakesh guide met us and took us on a tour of the city.

We have enjoyed our time at Riad 49. The staff is so warm and is a home away from home and it is right in the centre of things. .

It was hot out...another 43 degree day. I was just dying.

Brian is wearing his galabaya and head scarf again. Everywhere we go, guys are calling him Ali Baba. He seems to be a real favourite with the locals.

We first went to the Koutoubia mosque. We couldn't go in because we are non- Muslims.

Our next visit was to the mausoleum of the kings, royal children and the women. I was really dragging my butt at that point.

Our next stop was at the palace. Totally gorgeous but at that point I just wanted to be shot and put out of my misery.

We made our way to the Jemma el Fna square/ market. There was all kind of action going on there. We watched the snake charmers for awhile and Carol and I had our pictures taken with snakes around our necks. There were also lots of monkeys in diapers around ( with their handlers) and guys playing their drums as they swing the tassels on their hats around.

I was beyond feeling sick so I told the gang that I was going to head back to the riad while they finished the tour. The guide said it was easy to get back, just go straight down this one street and turn right, then right, then left and left. Graham seemed concerned about my abilities to get back on my own but I said "not to worry"

Well the guides version of go straight had lots of turns and I took the wrong one. I was really sick and shopkeepers were calling me into their shops. They were very quick to try and help me find my way when I let them know that my stomach was upset. I guess they didn't want me up -chucking in their shops. Finally I found some very concerned police men who looked at the card with my Riad's address and they pointed the way. I then got back no problem and slept.

When the rest of the gang came back, we quickly freshened up and went for lunch in a restaurant rooftop overlooking the Jemma el Fna square. We people watched and since we were the only ones there, I lay down on a bench and dozed a bit.

Carol went down to the bathroom and as she was coming up, one of the male waiters informed her that her skirt was tucked in her underwear...oops.  Note from Carol - I've been so respectful wearing full body attire this entire trip and dripping in sweat every waking moment - and now I've just flashed my butt to a bunch of Moroccan waiters.

We then walked around the market and made some purchases.

We are now resting up at the riad before Carol, Graham and I drive for 3.5 hours to the Casablanca airport. Grahams and my flight leaves at 5:35am for Lisbon, Portugal and Carols flight leaves at 9am for Montreal. Cheryl and Brian are staying for a few more days.

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