Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tips for A Solo Traveller in India

Travel is a great teacher that brings you a world of experiences, as it awakens the inner you, makes you enjoy, teaches you some hard lessons, introduces new horizons and makes you want more and more of it. Traveling on your own can be very interesting and if you were to travel India, you are sure to have one of the most memorable times of your life. Here are some tips to help you to have a great time as a solo traveller in India.

1. Advance Booking
Advance booking eliminates the risk of facing unwanted ‘surprises’. Booking in advance gives you plenty of options to choose from when compared to last minute booking. Travelling in India via rail is most economical & safe; one can make online railway bookings in advance at site. You can have your seating arrangements confirmed if you are not keen to do some monkey tricks while on public transportation.

2. Travel Light
Never carry too much baggage while on travel. If you plan to use public transport often to feel the real India, you may want to reduce your luggage. Take with you what is absolutely essential to make your travel safe and comfortable.

3. Never Travel In Night
The suggestion is not to say that India is not safe but it is best to practice this when you go to any foreign country. Broad daylight gives you a better opportunity to look around and be familiar with the area while it may get difficult if you get lost in the night. It may also be unsafe.

4. Say ‘No’ To Free Offers From Strangers
Never accept anything that is offered for free from strangers, particularly if it is a food item. This can lead to undesirable consequences and hence it is best to say ‘No’ rather than accepting as an act of politeness.

5. Plan Ahead
Planning goes a long way in making your travel a success. Check with the hotel administration about the important places to visit and the best way to reach the place. If you are not on a tight budget, you may use the hotel’s cab service so that you can sit back and enjoy your tour. If you want to go on your own, it is best to plan your trip the day before and know your way to the destinations.

6. Be Informed
Once you decide on the places to visit, such as the attractions in cities like Delhi or Agra, be informed about the timings, the rate, if any, to gain entry. Learn more about the place so that you will know what to look for while you are there. If you intend to use a guide to help you, know in advance how much you will be expected to pay for their services.

7. Shop Wisely
While shopping make an informed choice by learning in advance the specialty of the place and if there is something unique that is worth the buy. Some places excel in manufacturing certain items and identifying it will not only get you a unique product but for a reasonable price as well. Never buy from the first shop that you visit. Look around and visit more shops till you find the right bargain. India is a country of bargains. Inquiring in the local area about shops that sell genuine products will make you happy with your purchase.

8. Washrooms
Never take for granted that a washroom in India in tourist destinations will have all that you may require. Once you are out of your hotel, have toilet papers in your carry bag, just in case. Most of the washrooms may not have locker facility and hence you may have to either carry your bag with you, which may sound scary if you have a big luggage with you. You may also leave it with the caretaker and give him an additional tip.

9. It Is Time To Learn
It is always better to learn the local language, at least some important words and sentences so that you know how to communicate. It will also help you to understand when people around you use them while communicating with you.

10. Stay Connected
Traveling brings you closer to the people of a different land. When you are in India, mix with the people here so that you will never feel alone. Moreover, you can learn a lot about India and its culture when you mingle with the people as you will find them friendly, open to conversation and willing to help. However, make sure you have the right person to strike a friendly chat.
India is a challenging country, yet lovely. However, always be ready for surprises!

Author Bio
Rohit is an architect by profession. He is passionate about traveling and his experiences as a traveler has helped him gain a wealth of experience. His blog talks a lot about important tourist attractions in India and he loves communicating everything that is associated with travel.