Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday in Amsterdam, September 1, 2012

The sun was shining, it was warm. It seems everyone in Amsterdam was out on the streets, biking or soaking up some sun in a sidewalk café.

We spent the whole day walking around the city, along the canals and through the markets.

It seems that lots of markets pop up on Saturday morning in Amsterdam. If you close your eyes, you can practically tell where you are, be it flower market, fish market, or walking past a coffee shop.

We are trying to find out what the XXX means on Amsterdam souvenirs or flags. If any one knows, please email me.

The bicyclists were out in full force, many with there families. There all seemed to be a number of stag parties, hen parties or frosh week events going on since there were a number of crazy characters around.

Did I mention that parking spots for bikes can be difficult? This afternoon, an older couple tried to park their bikes in a busy area. You could see the man’s face fall when first his, then his wife’s bike, then bike after bike after bike went down. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap….. just like a long row of dominoes. Poor couple, as we continued to walk on they were trying to right each bike, one at a time.

People were partying down the canals as well. Often boats would pass with large groups of people singing or in strange costumes. At one point, a boat shaped like a beer barrel zoomed past.

In our neighbourhood, the streets were blocked off and there was a big food festival going on.

The boys were tired, so we dropped them off at the apartment, and my other half and I went out for a boat tour of the canals. It was quite funny when the tour leader said that the canals are made of one metre mud, one metre stolen bikes and the rest water.

We got thai food at the food festival and ate it while sitting beside the canal. The boys went out for pizza. The boys decided to still stay in so we walked around Amsterdam at night. It really comes alive at night.

What a fabulous city.

I am feeling a little bummed that tomorrow is our last day in Amsterdam. We head back home to Canada on Monday.

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  1. we do miss you kimberly. what a great trip you're having. i love the photos.