Friday, August 24, 2012

Travel Day, Berlin to Ghent, August 24

Today was cool and drizzly.

We left our apartment in Berlin at 7:30 and took the bahn to Alexanderplatz where we walked around in all directions, looking for the bus to the airport. Just as we were about to hail a cab, I looked to the left and found the bus just about to go. Luckily we got on at the beginning of the route. We got seats but soon the bus was packed to the gills.

The flights from Berlin to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Amsterdam went smoothly.
We collected our rental car at the airport and had no problem driving to our hotel in Ghent. (Ok, once we got to Ghent, we did have a few wrong turns before finally reaching our hotel).

We are having an early night before we start exploring Belgium tomorrow.

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  1. Amsterdam is wonderful, go to a Coffee shop... Enjoy