Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brugge, Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We finally made it into Brugge, despite having to change our course a few times due to road construction.

We started out in a gorgeous square. The architecture is just so gorgeous.

We first went into the Basilica of the Holy Blood. We watched a short service where they took out the holy relic.

We next visited the town hall which had a museum. The museum mostly consisted of a beautiful gothic style hall and paintings.

We explored the streets a bit and decided to look for my Mephisto Store (that I had found on the internet). Sure enough, we found it and miracle of all miracles; it was open. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in any colour of the pair I wanted. I am now pinning my hopes on a store in Amsterdam.

We mostly spent the day exploring the streets, alleys and gardens of Brugge. It is a fabulous walking town. We went into a number of churches, including the Church of Our Lady before walking around the Lake of Love and going on a brewery tour.

We ended our day in Brugge with a meal of mussels. Ok, the boys had hot dogs and waffles.

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