Monday, August 20, 2012

Berlin, Monday, August 20, 2012

Our first stop this morning was to the Berlin Zoo. What a fabulous place. I have never been to a zoo where the animals seem to be right in the wild. Our favourites were the aardvarks and the penguins.

On the way to the subway was the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche (big church). We walked back and forth about four or five times where we thought it should be until I saw a sign pointing into a boxlike building. It turns out that the church is under restoration and they built a box around it so it was a church in a box.

We went into one part that had displays but that was about it. The big attraction would have been the outside of the build. Oh well, next trip.

Next we were back on the bahn and we made our way to Schloss Charlottenburg which is a beautiful palace. Unfortunately, the old wing is closed on Mondays so we toured the beautiful apartments of the new wing (lots of Rococo). It reminded us a lot of the Schomburg Palace in Austria. We then toured the gorgeous gardens (also of Baroque design).

The boys were feeling tired so when we took the subway, they went back to the apartment on their own and my hubby and I went to the Bode Museum. I was really looking forward to the medieval sculpture….unfortunately it is closed on Mondays so we went back the the Pergamon Museum and checked out the Ishtar Gate one more time.

Next we toured the Berliner Dom…a huge protestant cathedral. It was very ornate inside. We went down to the crypt which was quite full of many large (and baby size) sarcophagi. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn on the tour and instead of climbing up to the dome, we ended up exiting the building. We were so tired though, that we decided not to try and go back in.

I could barely drag myself back to the apartment after all the walking today. The leg that had the unfortunate camel experience is still really hurting. Cameron and I also have colds. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Mephisto stores today. Maybe I will luck out tomorrow.

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