Thursday, August 23, 2012

Berlin, Evening of Aug 22 and Thursday, Aug 23

Last night we decided to check out Berlin by night.

We went to an over-priced by nicely located restaurant on Unter der Linden by the Brandenburger Tor. Once again the waiter brought us 1/2 litre beers. Hmmm.

Then we walked around. Brandenburger Tor is gorgeous, all lit up at night. So is the parliament building.

Too soon, it was back to the apartment.

Today was our coolest day yet. Sunny and a high of 74 degrees. I could feel autumn making its way into the air.

The temperature was perfect for touring.

We first took the subway to the Spandau Zitadelle (Citadelle). Spandau is a gorgeous town just outside of Berlin but easily accessible on the bahn. I couldn’t stop humming “True” by Spandau Ballet today.

After we looked around the Zitadelle we went into the town. After numerous people consulted each other and discussed the situation, the pizzeria owner said they didn’t think it was safe for Graham to eat there because they use a lot of shell fish in their pasta dishes and on some of the pizza’s.

Graham and Cameron decided to eat at Burger King (gag) and John and I went across to a German place that a lot of locals were lined up at…always a good sign. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the menu, so I ended up ordering the Currywurst and some kind of fried potatoes, onion and little chunks of bacon/sausage thing. The currywurst ended up being a sausage with ketchup on it but what made it good was that they sprinkled curry on the Ketchup. So simple but so yummy..who’d have thought. I also ordered a beer because it was cheaper than coke and you got more of it.

John ordered a bratwurst and something that ended in salat thinking that he was going to get a green salad, but it ended up being potato salad.

We went back to the Bahn….which is amazing. Berlin’s bahn is so extensive, makes Toronto’s look truly pathetic.

Next we went to the Tiergarten. It is an absolutely huge park that used to be stocked with wild boar and deer for the Prussian aristocracy and was then landscaped in the early 1800s. It is filled with bike trails, gardens, forests, fields, statues, creeks and more. In the middle is a 220ft victory column. We spent a large amount of the afternoon walking through it before ending up at the Brandenburger Tor (gate).

Before heading back to our apartment, we stopped into the store/museum called The Berlin Story.

Supper tonight was a hodge podge of leftovers from our kitchen”.

This is our last day in Berlin. It is a gorgeous city and there is still so much that we haven’t seen yet. I also didn’t find my Mephisto store….maybe in Belgium.

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