Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beautiful Brussels, Saturday, August 25

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel. It was a surprisingly well stocked buffet. All kinds of breads, meats, cereals, cheeses, yogurts, fancy coffees, juices etc.

The day was cool and rainy…too bad, because things always look better in the sunlight.

We parked in Central square area. When we walked into the Grand Place square, it was gorgeous, framed by huge, elegantly ornate buildings in all directions.

After gawking for a bit, we stopped for hot chocolate. This was not your usual hot chocolate, it was made with real Belgian chocolate, all thick and creamy.

Next we walked to St. Michael’s cathedral. It was gothic with the soaring arches and the ornate carvings.

Our next point of interest was the Royal Palace. I was surprised that there was no charge today to get in. What struck me most was all the crystal chandeliers, one after the other. These chandeliers were so big and so grand.

We took the subway to the Triumphal Arch where the guys and I decided to split up. The males went to the Military Museum (which they said was really good and free) and I went to the Museum of History and Art (which was 5 euros and good). It had a mix of everything from Egyptian to Canadian to European to Oceania.

The boys also had some Belgian waffles at the arch.

We couldn’t leave Brussels without checking out the peeing boy fountain. It was smaller than I remembered but there were still crowds there to see it. I grabbed some really delicious escargot at a stand across from the famous fountain.

Now the sun was coming out and things were even more stunning in the sunlight. We just happily walked the streets enjoying all the beautiful buildings and ambiance.

Ironically, we had supper at a Greek restaurant on a street that was completely filled with Greek restaurants. I had a delicious Cassis Beer (which the waiter said was women’s beer).

Before heading back to our hotel, we walked around the Grand Place square again and watched street performers and checked out the beer stores.

I forgot to mention, that yesterday when driving to our hotel, my husband noticed that the car driving in front of us seemed to have long dreadlocks hanging out of the driver’s window. I said that there is no way those could be dreadlocks, I thought it was a big rug.
We sped up and entered the lane beside the car and sure enough, the driver’s dread locks were so long that he had to hang them out of the window. Look out Rapunzel, there’s a new kid in town.

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