Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Away from it All

My husband and I aren’t normally the type. It began gradually. We didn’t even realize when it became habit. First we did it privately at home, only on a weekly basis. Then we started buying in bulk from group couponing internet sites, and soon we were influencing friends to join in. Now after going twenty-one days straight, we are firmly addicted.

With our twenties firmly behind us, my husband and I realized that we needed to make exercise a priority in our already burdened schedules. Yoga was the perfect addition to our fitness plan. After all, it was something we could do together and with friends.

When the LivingSocial site on the internet featured a mid-week, two night, three day yoga retreat for two at the Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre near Midland, Ontario for $159.00, my husband and I jumped at it. Not only did it cover accommodations and yoga classes, it also included breakfasts, all-day tea and healthy snacks (trail mix and fresh fruit).

We did get a little turned around after we left highway 400, but after fiddling with the GPS, checking out the map and heated discussion, we finally navigated the country roads to the retreat.

We picked a great couple of days to visit. The May weather was warm and sunny and the fields and forests on the nearby nature trails were studded with trilliums, violets and little white flowers.

The cabins were nestled in woods but only a one minute walk from the main building…. a good thing because that is where the bathrooms were. The cabin walls were thick because they are insulated with straw. Although the temperature dropped quickly at night, the insulation and heating in the cabin kept us perfectly comfortable. Our cabin came equipped with a dresser, night table and four beds (a double with a single bunk up top and two singles). There was electricity in the cabins and lots of windows to let in the outdoors. Don’t worry, we made good use of the rolling blinds on the windows.

The breakfasts were, locally gown/produced where possible, organic and included lots of fresh fruit. There was always a hot item every morning and three choices of milk; organic, soy and almond. Even the choices of cereal were organic.

I was worried that the one hour classes would be too difficult and filled with experienced yogis. In reality there was a mix of overnight guests and local residents. The instructors geared the difficulty to the students and my husband and I both enjoyed our sessions.

I wish they had offered more classes offered spread out evenly during the day. The days we attended, there were four classes offered on the Monday, two offered on the Tuesday and four on the Wednesday. At times these classes were booked back to back.

The hosts, were friendly, accommodating and very helpful. The facilities were clean and comfortable and the atmosphere was relaxing. Just what you would expect on a yoga retreat.

Now back home, I think of our retreat as I walk over and kiss my husband on the forehead.

“Ahhhhhhhh! I’m blind!” he yells.

“What?” I say.

“You’ve smudged my third eye.”

Yep, we are now firmly addicted to the world of yoga.