Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't Lose Those Reward Points

You work hard to save your airline points, so make sure to use them before they expire.

I talk directly about Aeroplan in this article, but rules can be similar for other airline points. Check out my post on choosing the best rewards card for you.

Points Have a Time Limit

All mileage in an account expires if your account remains inactive for a period of twelve consecutive months. If you are getting close to this deadline, just make a small purchase from any Aeroplan partner and you are clear for another year.

Be aware that your hard earned mileage expires seven years after the date that it was accumulated. However, all mileage collected before January 1, 2007 is registered as being earned on December 31, 2006, no matter when it was actually accumulated.

Keep track of these mileage expiry rules and be sure to take advantage of your points.

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