Friday, July 15, 2011

Off to Washington

It’s often a challenge keeping the kids busy during summer holidays. You want them to be entertained and hopefully learn something at the same time, but putting them into numerous summer camps can get expensive. (Also, I love spending time with my kids.).

After researching Mega Bus, I’m off to Washington, DC with my boys (ages 12 and 15), a close girlfriend and her kids (girl 15, boys 12 and 9). We leave Toronto at 9:00 pm on a Monday night and get into Washington at 8:00am on Tuesday, morning. We will stay for two nights at an 1850 mansion which we found on Airbnb. After touring Washington all day on the Thursday, we will catch the 10pm bus back to Toronto, arriving home at 9:30am on Friday.

And the price is right. Return bus tickets are $40.00 and the boys and I will pay $150.00 for two night’s accommodations. Most museums in Washington are free! How great is that?

My friend and I have been prepping our kids for the trip. Both adults and kids have gone through the list of attractions, museums and historical sights and have listed their top five. We will make sure that everyone gets to go to their favourites. So far, top on our list are the Monuments, a walk past the White House, The National Museum of American History, The Holocaust Museum, The Spy Museum, FBI Museum, the zoo and a ghost tour. There is so much more to see, that we may have to leave some things for another visit.

When travelling with a group, it’s absolutely ok, (and often recommended), to split up for a while. My family is into ghost tours but my friend’s family aren’t, so that may be the time to do our own things.

We need to be organized with such a large group so we’re working out an itinerary which takes into consideration time to see the sights, line-up time, travel between locations time and rest/refreshment breaks.

If you have any Washington suggestions from using the city transit to tips on beating the line-ups, please let me know.

This trip to Washington promises to be an adventure that will outlast the memories of most summer camps.

Keep posted to this site. I will be blogging from the road to let you know how this trip turns out.

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