Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Parks Canada National Pass: A Real Bargain

I have found a great deal for both residents and visitors to Canada. It’s the Parks Canada National Pass. This pass is good for a year and gets you into any of the National Parks and many national historic sights including Fort Louisbourg in Nova Scotia and Banff National Park, Alberta. Normally it costs $19.60 for a group of up to seven people in one vehicle to enter Banff National Park or $44.10 for a family to visit Fort Louisbourg. For the cost of $136.40 per family, this pass buys you unlimited admittance to not only Banff and Fort Louisbourg, but also a long list of sights across Canada.
When you purchase a pass, you are given one pass to display in your car. It’s not advertised, but if you have two cars and can prove that they are registered to the same family, living at the same address, you can get a second pass to place in your other vehicle.
For this low cost, it is well worth the money, even if you only use it for a few sights. You can purchase the passes on line, by phone at 1-888-773-8888 or at a participating location. There are also passes available for individuals, students and seniors. Check the Parks Canada site.

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