Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mega Bus, Here I Come!

With gas prices rising, I saw an announcement on about return bus fares between Montreal and Toronto for $20.00 on Mega Bus ( . I found this hard to believe since I pay about $140.00 return between Toronto and Sudbury on Greyhound.

The price was accurate and you can even get WIFI and electrical on this bus!
The double decker Mega Bus offers cheap fares for popular routes in Canada, US and the UK. If you are looking to travel from Toronto to a US city, you need to click into the US section on the Mega Bus website.

I discovered that I could get Mega Bus fares from Toronto to NYC for as little as $12.00 one way. Other examples of well priced fares are $1.00 between Boston and NYC, and $5.00 between Toronto and Washington, DC.

Personal experience has shown me that you should book early to get some of the best deals. I found Toronto to Washington return for $24.00, but when I went to book it a week later, the price had gone up. I ended up paying $40.00 return which is still a really good deal. As of today, the price for the same trip has increased to $48.00.

Do you find that it sounds too good to be true? Well, seeing is believing so I’m Washington bound on the Mega Bus this summer. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, please let me know about your experiences on Mega Bus.

If Mega Bus delivers on everything they promise, I think I’ll be bussing it a whole lot more.

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  1. Hate Megabus and Coach Canada. No respect for their clients. No warranty for wifi, for being on time, for a driver, for a bus or even for a seat. Treat their clients like animals by overloading their buses. ALWAYS late, A L W A Y S. Service is garbage: no customer service, no manager on site except an innocent driver. Never again.

    The company does not manage effectively its bookings in order to reserve enough seats for its clients. The company aimed to differentiate itself from Greyhound until they totally became the new Greyound in Canada. With no customer manager on site and a poor customer service, the company is often the victim of criticism from its clients. Service has becoming more and more late since the company decided to increase the number of daily bus trips between specific towns such as the Montreal-Toronto.

    Megabus do not offer $1 fare between Montreal and Toronto, many clients have been complaining for fake advertising.

    Wifi service and plugs often do not work on buses. Megabus lines are often late, especially over the week-ends. Overbooking is never anticipated by the company and sometimes patrons need to wait on line 20 to 60 minutes to get a second bus if the first is already full. No compensation is offered by Coach Canada nor Megabus. No customer service.