Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Travel Addict on a Really Really Tight Budget

I call myself the travel addict on a budget, but with recent increases in gas, food, and everything else, I now consider myself the travel addict on a really, really tight budget.
Unless I want to do another staycation this summer, (NOT!), my mission is to find exceptional deals and innovative ways to vacation with my family of four. This trip must be flexible since my elderly parents have numerous health challenges and I need the ability to stay in touch with them and return quickly if required.
As with any event involving numerous personalities and restrictions, it helps to make a list of requirement. Here are ours:
1. Low Cost
2. Reasonable driving distance of home
3. Interesting for all family members
4. Two weeks in length
5. Did I mention, Low Cost?
My husband is looking for relaxation and wants either a cottage or a place with a pool. My 15 year old son is interested in history. My 12 year old son wants physical activities and nature. Last but not least, I want to see new sights and cultural activities. In other words, my family is all over the map.
Currently my husband and I have discussed:
1. A local cottage
2. The East Coast (specifically Nova Scotia and PEI),
3. Charleston, South Carolina and Savanna, Georgia (with stops along the way)
4. New York City
In upcoming posts I’ll be looking at home exchanges, hospitality exchanges, budget accommodations and low cost transportation options. Join us in planning our summer vacation. We also welcome any of your suggestions or inside scoops.
Wish us luck!